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Project Development Process

System Planning

As planners identify needs and program projects, Part B of the HSM can be applied to:

  • Identify sites most likely to benefit from safety improvement;
  • Identify targeted crash patterns for the network; and
  • Prioritize expenditures for efficiency.


Project Planning and Preliminary Engineering

As safety engineers and project managers identify alternatives and choose the preferred solution, Part B of the HSM can be applied to:

  • Identify targeted crash patterns for the project;
  • Evaluate countermeasures costs and effectiveness; and
  • Compare change in crash frequency to predict safety effect of alternatives.


Design and Construction

As project managers, designers, and construction engineers develop design plans and build projects, Part C of the HSM can be applied to:

  • Evaluate how safety performance is impacted by design alternatives; and
  • Assess potential change in crash frequency during design exception evaluation.


Operations and Maintenance

As traffic and operations engineers modify existing conditions to maintain and improve safety and efficient operation, Part B, Part C or Part D of the HSM can be used to:

  • Identify crash patterns at existing locations;
  • Evaluate safety effectiveness of potential countermeasures; and
  • Modify policies and design criteria for future planning and design.