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Research Resources

​​​​ New Research

The Highway Safety Manual provides quantitative safety analysis techniques by synthesizing contemporary research in traffic safety, crash prediction, roadway design, human factors, and more in a comprehensive guidance document. During the years between releases of each edition of the manual, users may be interested in exploring new research as it becomes available, as well as understanding its potential applications and implications for their safety program, analysis or project assessments. To support such efforts and in the interest of keeping the practice of traffic safety advancing, the following research resources have been compiled below for agency reference and use.

Research Guidance

The Guide for Research Resulting in Practical Application of the Highway Safety Manual was developed to foster improved research consistency and reproducibility that leads to a more practical application of highway safety research results. This document should guide the development, review, and scope creation of NCHRP research problem statements.


Note: The above resources include various research and synthesis products which relate to the HSM and HSM methods. Though many of these products include input from numerous HSM users and other practitioners, they have not necessarily been vetted or reviewed by AASHTO or HSM stakeholders. Practitioners should utilize these materials in conjunction with the HSM at their own discretion. The documented methods and materials may not be considered for inclusion in future editions of the HSM.