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​These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are based on the knowledge and experience of the developers and practitioners of the Highway Safety Manual, as well as various publications and websites, including the Highway Safety Manual discussion forum, the Federal Highway Administration’s Crash Modification Factor Clearinghouse, and more. FAQs are sourced from the Highway Safety Manual Frequently Asked Questions compendium, developed by the Transportation Research Board – Highway Safety Performance Committee’s (ANB25) User Liaison and Technology Facilitation Subcommittee. A PDF of the latest version of this document (June, 2018) can be found here.

Roadway Safety Management Process (Part B)

Network Screening (Chapter 4)

Diagnosis (Chapter 5)

Economic Appraisal (Chapter 7)

Prioritize Projects (Chapter 8)

Safety Effectiveness Evaluation (Chapter 9)


Predictive Method (Part C)


Data Requirements and Preparation

Predictive Method for Rural Two-lane, Two-way Roads (Chapter 10)

Specialized Procedures Common to All Part C Chapters (Appendix A)

Predictive Method for Freeways (Chapter 18)

Predictive Method for Ramps (Chapter 19)


HSM-Related Tools

AASHTOWare Safety Analyst

Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM)

HSM Spreadsheets

CMF Clearinghouse