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Training is an important first step before using the HSM. Following is a brief description of the various training programs currently available to help state DOTs maximize the effectiveness of the HSM.

HSM Online Overview Course – (FHWA-NHI 380106) is now available free of charge through the National Highway Institute (NHI) web site.

HSM Training Guide – This guide focuses on identifying HSM training currently available to state and local agencies who are considering implementation of the HSM.

NHI HSM Training Courses – FHWA has developed training courses on specific parts of the HSM that are offered through the National Highway Institute (NHI).

Webinar Series  – The FHWA HSM webinar series, which began in June 2010, was recorded.

Training Webinars – These webinars are available from the FHWA Resource Center.

US Roadway – This web site has a searchable database for safety training courses.