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​HSM Content

The HSM is organized in four parts:

  • Part A – Introduction, Human Factors, and Fundamentals of Safety;
  • Part B – Roadway Safety Management Process;
  • Part C – Predictive Methods; and
  • Part D – Crash Modification Factors.

The AASHTO Highway Safety Manual (HSM), published in 2010, presents a variety of methods for quantitatively estimating crash frequency or severity at a variety of locations. For the first time, a complete collection of quantitative safety analysis methods are available. This section provides information on:

An Introduction to the Highway Safety Manual includes an overview of the HSM, how it can be applied, and the value of using the Manual. Additional sections provide information on the contents, how the HSM can be integrated with the project development process, data needs, example applications, how to get started, and resources.

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